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RUNNING OPPORTUNITIES Here is a list of runners in the area who have scheduled meeting times. These groups can be expanded to include individual trainers and runners who have a set time and person responsible for the run. If you meet on a regular basis at a set time and place (these of course can vary) and are willing to have other runners join, then please contact, Laveta voftheairways@hotmail.com. Information needed might include, distance, your name and email, pace, time, place and any other particulars you want to share. Thanks
GET FIT RUNNING STORE This is a local business that caters to runners. They have various classes throughout the year. There is a fee for the classes. They range from 5k to half marathon training. Typically they will meet on Tues and Thurs and sometimes Saturdays. They also have free social runs that sometimes include Pub runs. Please visit their website or Facebook page for definite schedule of events. Get Fit Run Schedule
ROAD RUNNERS This group is a womenís running group. Paces and distances vary. Typically weekday runs are 3 to 5 miles. Weekend runs vary from 6 to 20 miles. Contact person: Bridget Cersovsky, runbmc262@gmail.com. There are no fees for this group. Everyone supplies their own hydration.
MONDAY 5:30 PM St. Luke Presbyterian Church 3001 Bell
WEDNESDAY 5:30 PM Amarillo College at the bleachers near the tennis courts @ Memorial Park.
SATURDAY 8:30 AM Amarillo College at the bleachers near the tennis courts @ Memorial Park. NOTE, this time can vary depending on the groups distances and weather.
LAST FRIDAY each month, informal gathering at 6:15 PM at Jasonís Deli (34th/Coulter) for dinner. Dutch treat.
LSRC SOCIAL RUN  This run meets on Tuesday evenings.  Exact times and locations vary and are posted on the LSRC Facebook page.  Please "like" the LSRC Facebook to access this information.  All paces are welcome.  Distances typically vary from 3 to 6 miles.  Members are welcome to bring friends.  Contact person for this run is Laveta Bryan voftheairways@hotmail.com.  Run announcements and changes are posted on Mon or Tues morning.  Please reference the LSRC Facebook page for these changes.  
PUB RUNNERS   This group meets every Thursday at 7PM. We vary locations so please check out our Pub Run Facebook Page. The location is usually posted by Tuesday afternoon. We run about a 5K every week but try to provide places on the route that can provide a shorter distance too. We always have a bite to eat and a drink following the run.   
HASHTAG RED DRESS RUN 09/10/16 For More Information
WHO Everyone 21+ (alchohol reasons)
WHAT Amarillo H3's 6th Annual Red Dress Run (Charity Run)
WHEN Saturday 9/10/2016 @ noon (12:00 PM)
ATTIRE Red Dress & Running Shoes (yes this means you too men!)
WHY To raise money and awareness for Arrow Child & Family Ministries
DETAILS $30 (You get to run a Hash Run, Beer, Euphoria of helping out our local children, Beer, T-shirt and I almost forgot... you get Beer, too!) There will be an auction of the donated items collected at the end as well, so bring extra money for auction items.
WTF: WEST TEXAS FITNESS Description: West Texas Fitness, WTF, is a group for all ages and paces. Workouts are focused on Interval training to increase overall speed and Running Economy. Locations vary from week to week, but include trails, tracks, and road routes. This group maintains an active Facebook Page and is a source for all things running and triathlon. Members are friendly and accommodating. Individuals are encouraged to run their own paces during workouts, but pre and post workout activities are done as a group. Beginners to advanced runners attend these workouts and you are likely to find someone who matches your pace. Please visit our Facebook page for more information or contact Justin Gable, justingable1@gmail.com.
Approximate Distances: 6-9 miles
General Workout Types: Interval Training, with 5 minutes of dynamic stretching before and 5 minutes of abs afterwards.
Recommendations: Bring a yoga mat for ab workout and always orient yourself with the route beforehand.
CAR - CANYON AREA RUNNERS These runs vary in distance, location and time. Laveta Bryan, voftheairways@hotmail.com is a contact person for those wishing to run in the Canyon area. Typically a track workout occurs on Tuesday 6:30 am.